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This image provided by Rachel Malehorn shows Judge Amy Coney Barrett in Milwaukee, on Aug. 24, 2018. (Rachel Malehorn, rachelmalehorn.smugmug.com, via AP)

(WEHT) Saturday at 4 p.m. President Trump announced his nominee for the Supreme Court. He had previously nominated her to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and she was confirmed by the Senate in October 2017.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-KY):

“President Trump could not have made a better decision. Judge Amy Coney Barrett is an exceptionally impressive jurist and an exceedingly well-qualified nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States.

“First, Judge Barrett built a reputation as a brilliant scholar at the forefront of the legal academy. Then she answered the call to public service. For three years on the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, she has demonstrated exactly the independence, impartiality, and fidelity to our laws and Constitution that Americans need and deserve on their highest Court.

“The Senate will evaluate this nomination on the basis of Judge Barrett’s objective qualifications. But it cannot escape notice that this nominee has also already won national admiration for her shining example of strong female leadership at the very top of her field. As our nation continues to mourn Justice Ginsburg and honor her trail-blazing legacy, it does seem fitting that another brilliant and talented woman at the height of their shared profession would follow in her footsteps onto the Court.

“I look forward to meeting with the nominee next week and will carefully study her record and credentials. As I have stated, this nomination will receive a vote on the Senate floor in the weeks ahead, following the work of the Judiciary Committee supervised by Chairman Graham.

“The Court, the Senate, and the American people — not to mention the nominee and her family — deserve a fair process that is focused on Judge Barrett’s qualifications. I hope all 100 Senators will treat this serious process with the dignity and respect it should command.”

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY):

“Congratulations to Judge Amy Coney Barrett on her nomination to the Supreme Court. I believe she will make an excellent justice that will serve our country and Constitution well, and I look forward to seeing her confirmed soon.”

Republican Party of Kentucky Executive Director Sarah Van Wallaghen:

“President Trump made an excellent choice in Judge Barrett. She has a proven record of upholding the Constitution and following the law – without legislating from the bench. Voters elected a GOP Senate majority in 2016 – and handed Leader Mitch McConnell an even larger majority in 2018 – because Republicans promised to confirm judges that would follow the Constitution and the law. We look forward to seeing Judge Barrett confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind):

“I am thrilled with President Trump’s nomination of fellow Hoosier, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to serve on the Supreme Court. I’ve come to know Amy as an incredibly sharp legal mind, a woman of great integrity, and a dedicated mother of seven. When Americans elected President Trump to office in 2016 and expanded the Republican Senate majority in 2018, she was exactly the type of jurist they had in mind.

“Judge Barrett’s previous confirmation to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals turned into a shameful attack on her faith, not an evaluation of her legal credentials. But anyone who fairly evaluates her superb qualifications and temperament will agree that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the right person for the job.

“I ardently support her nomination to the Supreme Court and, as the Senate follows historical precedent by initiating a confirmation hearing, I will work diligently with all of my Senate colleagues with an eye towards voting on her confirmation as the next Associate Justice without delay.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody:

“This pick makes their playbook even clearer. Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are burning down the process so they can pack the high court with hardliners to strike down the Affordable Care Act. For the 2.7 million Hoosiers with asthma, high blood pressure or another pre-existing condition this is life or death. It could mean going back to a time when insurers could charge more or even cancel their coverage all together. One thing is perfectly clear, this November health care is on the ballot.”

LaKimba DeSadier, Indiana State Director at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana and Kentucky:

“Filling this vacancy before a new president is inaugurated would be a disgrace to democracy and a blatant disregard for the 62% of Americans who want Sen. McConnell to wait until January. Hoosiers know first hand what happens when anti-abortion politicians work overtime to restrict our constitutional rights. We’ve lived under a Pence regime and fought in a court of appeals that includes Barrett. Currently, 70 percent of women in Indiana live in a county without an abortion provider. Indiana has passed more abortion restrictions than any other state in the nation aside from Louisiana, with Hoosier lawmakers passing 63 abortion restrictions into law between 1973 and 2019. The state where Barrett lives has rendered Roe meaningless already for thousands of people.  

“Access to abortion is hanging on by a thread in states like Indiana. Since becoming a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Barrett has voted to revisit cases involving abortion restrictions in which other judges had previously held the abortion laws at issue were unconstitutional. Her opposition to our ability to access health care, including reproductive health care is a disgrace to Justice Ginsburg’s incredible legacy.

“The U.S Senate has an opportunity to reject this nomination and listen to their constituents. Our health care access, reproductive rights, civil rights, workers’ rights and our democracy are on the line. We call on our Senators to keep Justice Ginsburg’s seat open until a new president is inaugurated.” 

Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) President Marjorie Dannenfelser:

“President Trump has chosen an absolute all-star in Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve as our nation’s newest Supreme Court justice. Amy Coney Barrett is a brilliant jurist in the mold of the late Justice Scalia, and President Trump could not have made a stronger selection to fill this Supreme Court vacancy. We have full confidence that the pro-life Senate majority will move swiftly to confirm her before the election.

“An accomplished woman of bold conviction, Amy Barrett withstood outrageous personal attacks on her Catholic faith from pro-abortion senators with grace and integrity during her 2017 confirmation hearing. Judge Barrett has shown courage, wisdom, and brilliance during her tenure on the 7th Circuit. Her experience and expertise make her extremely qualified to serve on the nation’s highest court.

“We call on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to speak out forcefully against pending attacks on Judge Barrett’s Catholic faith, and we call on them to immediately release their Supreme Court candidate list.”

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(This story was originally published on September 26, 2020)


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