Indiana governor candidate Dr. Woody Myers speaks to Eyewitness News

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Indiana Democratic Governor candidate Woody Myers visited Evansville Tuesday and spoke with Eyewitness News about his campaign.

Myers talked about the pandemic, school reopening and more.


Brad Byrd: Hoosiers will be voting come November in an election the likes we have never seen thanks to COVID-19. In Indiana, Governor Eric Holcomb will try to win his second term. He is opposed by Democrat Dr. Woody Myers, he served as state health commissioner in the Evan Bayh and Robert Orr administrations. Dr. Myers is in Evansville today and joins us now. Good to see you, Dr. Myers. What do you think of the way Indiana has handled this pandemic?

Woody Myers: Well, it’s great to be back in Evansville. And I wish we had handled it a lot better; thanks for that question. Because clearly, we should have really early on put together the kind of team that we needed to, to address all of the issues that were certain to come. We’ve not done very well with our nursing homes. Our schools are in disarray with respect to decision making and goodness knows we need a mask mandate with some teeth behind it. So all of those things could have been done much, much better.

BB: Speaking of schools, and many of them are already opening up and that’s the case here in southwestern Indiana. Do you think they’re opening too soon? Or are we on the right track?

WM: They’re opening too soon. I think that given where we are in the state, we’ve had the worst two weeks of cases in the history of the pandemic, our case positivity rate in the state of Indiana now approaches 10%. You know, Governor Beshear down to the south of us had it right that we should have pressed the pause button. Unfortunately, this governor didn’t do that.

BB: And Russia, as we reported, just announced today that it has come up with a COVID-19 vaccine now. You’re a doctor, what do you think?

WM: I think I’m gonna wait. I think I’m gonna wait until we have a company that our food and drug administration here in the United States has experience with. There are some great companies working very hard to get us a good vaccine. I think they’re gonna make good progress. And maybe next year, it’ll be around and we’ll be able to see the actual data to support its safety and efficacy so I think I’m gonna wait.

BB: Of course, an incumbent always has somewhat of an advantage in an election but with mail-in balloting part of the debate this year, how big of a challenge do you have in possibly winning this election?

WM: Well, it’s always a challenge. And you never know until you know, that’s why we have elections. That’s why they play the game. So I know that we have got a state that wants to have mail in votes. We did it during the primary, I don’t see the objection to doing it during the general election. It’s safer, it’s difficult to find people that that are able to withstand the the potential risk of COVID-19 at the polls. And so I just would prefer that we would go to a system where mail is easily available for no specific reason just if you want to do it that way to everyone in the state and then over time, we can move towards a more all inclusive system where mail is the dominant way.

BB: You want to debate Governor Holcomb?

WM: I think we’re scheduled to do so, we’ve got an initial interview, kind of a debate, a modified format scheduled in a couple of weeks, where they’re going to do sequential interviews and then we’re going to have the real debates as I understand them in October, I think the the final arrangements are being made now and I look forward to it.

BB: All right. Dr. Woody Myers, the Democratic candidate for governor, I hope to talk to you again soon. Thank you for taking time to join us today.

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