EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- With just one week left before election day, two candidates in Evansville are attacking each other through the mailbox.

Over the weekend, voters received flyers from Libertarian Michael Daugherty, saying his opponent, Natalie Rascher had tax warrants filed against her for not paying income taxes. In a statement to Eyewitness News, Daugherty defended the mailer, saying he wonders how Rascher can govern a city if she can’t pay taxes on time.

Rascher says the accusation is false. In a Facebook post on her campaign page, Rascher calls the ad an act of ‘bullying.’ Rascher says she switched to a new tax preparation company and refiled several years of taxes. As a result, Rascher says she had several years in which they got money back and several years in which they owed money. In the years they owed money, Rascher says they set up a payment plan and paid off what she owed over several months.

Democratic Mayoral candidate Stephanie Terry calls the attack against Rascher disheartening, and says she is focused on her own campaign.

“To see it go in that direction is disheartening. But I am going to continue on the race that I need to run,” Terry says.

In response, Vanderburgh County GOP officials mailed an ad criticizing Daugherty over his finances, claiming he has filed for bankruptcy.

This afternoon, we reached out to Daugherty about those claims. Though he did reach out to us by phone, Daugherty didn’t respond specifically about the bankruptcy and tax allegations. We will be watching for developments in this final week of campaigning.