HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) Today is the Indiana primary, but in two weeks, Kentucky voters go to the polls for the commonwealth’s primary.

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams made a stop in Henderson to talk about what will be new in Kentucky when people go to the polls later this.

“We’ve given Kentuckians good options as they get ready to vote,” said Adams, who also says voters can cast ballots by mail or by in-person absentee voting, but not everybody can do that. An excuse is required this time.  

“If the voter, based on her age, doesn’t feel comfortable voting in-person, she doesn’t have to. Age, health, disability, not being present in your county on the voting days, these are reasons,” he explained.

Adams projects at least 3% of Kentucky primary voters to vote absentee, higher than 2019, but much lower than 2020. In-house absentee voting only runs through the six business days before the Thursday before the primary, while early in-person voting without an excuse runs from the May 12th to the 14th. The 2020 election allowed for more widespread absentee voting and longer early voting periods. Another change is voting machines. The state is moving to paper-based ballots and away from all electronic machines.

“it is advantageous to have that paper trail. The voter feels confident whenever they’re marking their paper ballot that it’s going into the machine and they know there’s a record of that,” said Renesa Abner, Henderson County Clerk.

As for poll workers, Adams says most counties have enough poll workers for the primary, but some could still use more, adding there are places where they don’t have enough from one party or the other to work the polls.

(This story was originally published on May 3, 2022)