Owensboro City Commission Candidates Talk about Wins

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The eight candidates on the non-partisan Owensboro City Commission ballot for November are:

-Pamela Smith-Wright (Incumbent)
-Deborah Nunnley
-Jeff Sanford (Incumbent)
-Roger Stacy (Incumbent)
-Bob Glenn
-Greg Black
-James Kamuf
-Mark Bohleber

Voters will choose four candidates from the list as the new city commission, with the top vote-earner being named the Mayor Pro-Tem.

Eyewitness News spoke with the top 2 candidates Tuesday night, Smith-Wright and Nunnley. Tonight may have brought a victory for the two, but they say they’re already looking ahead to November.  Smith-Wright says she’s appreciative of the support.

“It’s not what I’m doing, it’s the people. The people apparently like what I’m doing. And I just want to thank them all for their support,” she said. “I think I represent the average citizen in Owensboro. I think I listen to what they’re saying, and I vote accordingly.”

Nunnley, meanwhile, says she hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the commission.

“I am just going roll up my sleeves and work twice as hard to break out of the pack of incumbents. I don’t want to be like one of the incumbents and just rubber stamp everything. I want to look at everything with a pair of fresh eyes. That’s my approach and that’s going to be my campaign for this next go-round,” she said.

And as they look toward the general election, both candidates say they’ll be gunning for the Mayor Pro-Tem position.

“You don’t ever want to go backward. I’ve enjoyed my job as a City Commissioner. I’ve enjoyed my job as Mayor Pro-Tem,” said Smith-Wright, speaking of her time as Mayor Pro-Tem. “You get to do a lot of stuff. We’ve got a lot of stuff on our plate right now that we need to take care of; getting downtown finished and all of that.”

“I’m a team player and any position is fine for me and I want to work with the other folks. But if you’re running, you might as well come out first, right? If I’m really going to work hard that’s the position I’m aiming for. I want to make my supporters really proud of me. That’s my number one goal,” Nunnley said.

Both candidates say they’re honored to receive so many votes and make it into the top two spots in the results.

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