VANDERBURGH COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT)- When it comes to the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office, let’s just say it’s a matter of law and order.

When Vanderburgh County voters head to the polls this Fall, they’ll choose between a pair of fresh faces in Republican Diana Moers and Democrat Jon Schaefer. Indeed, for the first time in decades, neither Stan Levco nor Nick Hermann will occupy the office going forward and both Moers and Schaefer say that may be a good thing for the office and the county.

Schaefer, who currently serves as chief counsel for the Public Defender’s Office, says it’s time for everyone- including the prosecutor- to get off the sidelines and start trying cases. Schaefer says the office has administrative bloat, including employees with decades of experience not trying cases at all and other, younger employees handling hundreds of cases at once.

Moers, who has lived in Indianapolis since 2010 as part of the Attorney General’s Office before ousting Hermann in May’s Republican primary, says the new officeholder will need to rebuild public trust.

Indeed, this election comes after a series of scandals- including a settlement reached between Hermann and a former employee stemming from sexual harassment allegations and concerns over possible improper spending. Moers says those scandals inspired her to try and make a change in the community she grew up in.

But even as both candidates pledge to change the office, they’ll also have to contend with existing issues within the community, including the county’s burgeoning drug problem. Schaefer says the office needs to tackle and address fentanyl especially, saying too many people are unknowingly taking a “50/50” risk every time they do drugs.

Moers, meanwhile, says the office needs to make it clear that “Vanderburgh County is not the place you want to be caught with drugs.” Moers explains that she’d review cases and send eligible people to treatment and back in the community while also being tough on dealers, “giving heavy sentences for those types of crimes.”

As the county’s Sheriff candidates- Republican Jeff Hales and Democrat Noah Robinson- debate the merits of expanding the Vanderburgh County Jail, Moers and Schaefer are also debating the Prosecutor’s role in handling jail overcrowding.

Schaefer says a majority of the jail’s population are simply people awaiting trial, people he adds who are the responsibility of the Prosecutor’s Office. Moers, meanwhile, says the Sheriff’s Office will “have to shoulder most of the responsibility.”

Even still, Schaefer and Moers say increasing efficiency is a top priority going forward in order. Moers says they need to focus on “the most violent offenders” so others aren’t waiting around in jail awaiting trial, while Schaefer says they need to focus on resolving the cases they can resolve and moving forward from there.