KENTUCKY (WEHT) As voters starting deciding who to vote for in races across the Tri-State, some local elections in Kentucky have too few, or even no listed candidates. 

You see the candidates’ names on signs posted across McLean county. But Island Mayor Vicki Hughes is concerned about the lack of listed names on the ballot for city commission.

“We only have one candidate that filed to be on the ballot,” she says.

The ballot shows one listed candidate and a write-in option in a race people must vote for four candidates. Mayor Hughes, who is not seeking re-election, says while it’s sad more aren’t filing to run, people’s busy schedules are keeping some from seeking local office.

“People have so much on their plate nowadays, that it’s hard for them to cut out a little time to do things like this,” says Mayor Hughes.

On the Ohio County ballot, no one is listed on the ballot for mayor or city commissioner in Rockport, or for McHenry City Commission. In Fordsville there are two listed candidates and a write-in option, in a race where voters choose four candidates.

“We’ve never had this situation exactly before, when there were two missing,” says Fordsville Mayor Joan edge, who is also not running again. She also says some are interested to be a write-in candidate, and she’s even considered joining if needed.

“I had told them that if we didn’t have enough members that I would write-in as a commissioner. I feel like it’s my duty to take care of the town,” Mayor Edge says.

A spokesperson for the Kentucky Secretary Of State’s Office says if a race has no candidate or not enough candidates, a vacancy exists when the new term begins and the appointing authority will then fill it. Mayor Hughes says the Island City Commission will consider filling any post-election vacancies.

“So, when the time comes, the current commission will discuss and appoint anyone that has agreed to be considered,” says Mayor Hughes.

(This story was originally published on October 11, 2022)