WATCH: Preview of Indiana Primary election voting center changes

Your Local Election HQ

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — From Your Local Election Headquarters, it’s Primary Day in the Hoosier state.

Polls in the Central Time Zone opened at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

The election was delayed because of the coronavirus.

Joe Bird is at Washington Square Mall in Evansville, and explains why this is a whole different type of election due to the virus.


Jake Boswell: Primary Election Day was delayed nearly a month ago or so on May 5th, because of the coronavirus. And this election, may be more important than ever with what’s going on right now with the right to vote. Let’s check in on how the turnout is so far, and what may be different this year as you head out to vote. Joe Bird joins us live now from Washington Square in Evansville. Good morning, Joe.

Joe Bird: Hey, good morning, Jake and Gretchen. Yes, Indiana Primary Election Day is here, as you mentioned, Jake, after being delayed from May 5th until today, all because of the coronavirus. So, a different type of election will be taking place across the Hoosier state today, and of course, other states as well that are doing the Primary elections. First off, of course, we’re talking about the coronavirus, and that is what caused the delay of the Indiana Primary, so one thing you’ll notice today at all these different areas, including right here at Washington Square Mall. A couple different things taking place. First off, you can see there on the ground. There is a ‘Stop Sign’ written in tape. But also, just written behind that, is an ‘x,’ and then about six feet behind that, another ‘x’ as well. So, social distancing I definitely taking place here inside Washington Square. Now, you’ll also notice how the polling machines themselves now have a greater distance between them, as well. Now, this is inside the Food Court at Washington Square. Generally, this is not where the elections take place. They have, in past times before, but, over the past several elections, they’ve actually taken place inside the old Thomas Kinkaide Gallery here inside the mall, just outside of where Sears used to be, right in front of the fountain, of course – just to have more room and practice more social distancing, it has been moved into the Food Court area, as well. Now, here’s what’s going on today. Of course, we’re talking about the Indiana Primary Elections taking place. Now, the governor has asked that many people vote by absentee, and according to Indiana Public Radio, nearly 550,000 Hoosiers have requested Absentee ballots for this 2020 Primary Election. Now, if you still have your paper ballot in-hand, it is too late to mail. You cannot mail that. But, you vote can still count if you get it turned into a voting center today by noon. Now, if you still have that ballot in your hand and it’s after noon, you can actually bring it to a voting location. You’ll have to surrender it, though, but you still can vote. You’ll have to step in line and vote like always. Now, here at Eyewitness News, of course, we are your Local Election Headquarters, and we are following 17 races today. We’ll keep you up updated on how things are looking as we go throughout the afternoon. But, a much different scene here, but, overall, Jake and Gretchen, overall, a low turn-out is expected, because of the number of absentee ballots that were mailed in, but, however, about a dozen people were in line at six o’clock as the polls opened.

Gretchen Ross: All right, thank you very for your coverage, Joe. It looks like a lot of folks are already turning out and waiting in line to cast their ballot. Thank you.

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(This story was originally published on June 2, 2020.)

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