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Optimal Escape is Evansville's Leading Entertainment center specializing in escape room adventures!  Our escape rooms are perfect for family entertainment, corporate outings, group parties, youth groups, birthdays, and so much more!


All of our rooms are multi-room adventures.  Enjoy the experience as you work to solve a series of challenging, yet fun, puzzles and riddles in 60 minutes.

Adventures are designed for 2 - 10 people. For larger groups please contact us.

We have 3 Rooms ready and more rooms coming!  Check out our website for more information! Click Here


You and your friends were camping near Groom Lake. You accidentally witnessed an unusual event with some lights, a UFO, and small people. Shortly after that some armed military men arrived and put you in the back of a military van. You remember nothing after that. You wake up in a small room and realize you have been captured. You now understand that you have to escape before you are silenced for what you witnessed. You have one hour.
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You and your team have been captured inside the deepest laboratory of a research and experimental facility. You wake up in the quarantine cell and realize you have been infected with a deadly virus. You soon realize you and your team are alone. Everyone has evacuated the facility and left you to die. You have 60 minutes to find the antidote before the virus acts kills all of you.

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You are a DEA Agent.  You and your partner have been investigating a case regarding drug mafia business.  Your partner has disappeared, but before disappearing he sent you an email saying that he had found some very crucial evidence.  You and your team have gone to his office to search for the evidence.  You have one hour to find the evidence and escape before you too disappear, for good!

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Optimal Escape

2425 Highway 41 North
Evansville, IN 47711

On the corner of Diamond Ave and Old Business 41
Across from Diamond Lanes

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