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Which Best Brother label maker is best?

Whether you have a big project on the horizon, hope to get more organized, or need to upgrade your office supplies, a label maker is a great investment. It can save you time and energy and make life a lot easier, especially if you or any of your coworkers or family members have handwriting that is difficult to read.

Brother is a leading and trusted brand that makes reliable home office supplies known to improve the way you work and create. Their line of label makers is no exception, and the top pick is the Brother P-Touch PTD400 AD Label Maker. 

What to know before you buy a Brother label maker

How label makers work

Bulky and messy ink cartridges are a thing of the past. Today, most label makers use a thermal printing method, which uses heat to create the print on the label. This proves to be neater, more efficient and results in labels that don’t fade as quickly. 

There are three types of thermal ink: wax, resin and a combination of both. Wax is the most common, but it can rub off if exposed to the elements, in which case you would want to opt for resin ink, while the combination offers the best of both worlds. 

Types of label makers

Generally, there are two types of Brother label makers:

  • Desktop: If you plan to print a lot of labels that contain a lot of information and can do it all from your computer or one location, a desktop model might be the best fit. 
  • Handheld: If you’re looking for a small, lightweight and versatile label maker that you can carry with you around the house or office, a handheld model is preferable.  

What to use a label maker for

There are more ways to utilize your label maker than you might realize. A few popular options include food containers, kitchen cabinets, filing cabinets, individual files, toolboxes, storage boxes, office or school supplies, clothes bins and makeup containers, to name only a few. 

If you have to regularly print shipping labels or labels for retail purposes, a label printer might be a better option.  

What to look for in a Brother label maker

Power source

Most label makers fit into two categories when it comes to their power source: 

  • Electric: A label maker that needs to be plugged into a wall outlet can be an effective option if you have no problem keeping it in one location. 
  • Battery-powered: If you want something easy to transport and carry around, a battery-powered is ideal. 

Display screen

You want to look for a label maker with a clear display screen that allows you to preview and edit your text before printing. This can help cut down on waste. Quality label makers give you a choice of fonts, styles, colors, symbols and graphics of varying sizes, so you want a label maker with a screen that is easy to navigate. 

Label size

Brother label makers work best with Brother label tape, but other brands are also compatible. Some models are more versatile when it comes to the width of the label, so take into consideration what you need to make labels for before purchasing a specific model. 

Bluetooth technology

Some label makers utilize Bluetooth technology, which allows you to print labels from your smartphone or desktop without the need for a USB cable. These tend to be more expensive but are also incredibly convenient and possibly worth the cost if you plan to use them frequently. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Brother label maker

Brother label makers can vary significantly in price depending on the quality and the features. You can find a simple label maker on the low end for under $30, but they can go all the way up to $120. Finding the best one for you depends entirely on your needs and how often you plan to use it. 

Brother label maker FAQ

How long will labels from a label maker last?

A.  That depends on the quality of the label, type of thermal ink and if the label is exposed to the elements or not. However, labels were made to last, so they should last multiple years if kept inside and under normal conditions. 

Will I have to purchase additional supplies?

A.  In some cases, yes. It all depends on the model. Some come with batteries and label tape to get you started, while others must be purchased separately. If you want specialty labels that are a different size or color, that will also require an additional cost. 

What’s the best Brother label maker to buy?

Top Brother label maker

Brother P-Touch PTD400 AD Label Maker

Brother P-Touch PTD400 AD Label Maker 

What you need to know: The compact design and one-touch keys make this easy to use at home, in the office or on the go. 

What you’ll love: The large character printing supports up to seven font sizes. The maximum print height is 15.8 mm, and you can print up to 9 copies of each label. It can operate on 6 AA batteries, or the included AC adapter can be plugged into an outlet. There is also a chain setting to reduce tape waste.  

What you should consider: Batteries do not come included. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Brother label maker for the money

Brother P-Touch PTD210 Label Maker

Brother P-Touch PTD210 Label Maker

What you need to know: This reliable, simple, and easy-to-use label maker is portable and uses thermal printing technology. 

What you’ll love: In addition to 27 different templates, you have quick access to 14 fonts, 97 frames and over 600 symbols, all with the simple click of a button. When printing labels for gifts, check out the various pattern designs. It can print two lines on the labels that are 12 millimeters wide. You can also preview your work before you print. 

What you should consider: Take note that the screen is not backlit, so it can be more challenging to read in low lighting. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Brother P-Touch Cube Plus Label Maker

Brother P-Touch Cube Plus Label Maker 

What you need to know: With this label maker, you can now print custom labels from your desktop or smartphone using Bluetooth technology. It’s fast and efficient without sacrificing quality. 

What you’ll love: It’s compatible with three different software applications and comes complete with tape, battery, USB cable and everything you need to get started. You can choose from various templates to produce original and stylish labels in multiple colors. 

What you should consider: This is a top-of-the-line model that costs more and requires more expensive materials. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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