HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WEHT) – Two weeks ago we told you that FEMA was giving five million dollars to reimburse Hopkins County for debris removal after the December 2021 tornado. We have since learned more about how the county will spend those funds.

Hopkins County judge executive Jack Whitfield says the money will not go towards building houses. Instead, it is going back to pay debris removal.

Labor, materials and rental equipment removed thousands of yards of debris caused by the tornado. Whitfield says the county had to borrow money during that time. Now, he says the county can pay those companies back.

Whitefield said, “This money will go towards general government operations because that is what it was originally for. So you know there will be other grants coming that we may be able to use for other projects, but the money that is coming back from FEMA is money that we have already spent. So because we have to pay back those loans, there is not a lot of options for it.”

Whitfield also says it will help ease a financial burden, allowing them to focus on budgets and rebuilding.