Apollo shotput duo finds friendship amid success


Apollo’s DC Boone and Kevin Lynchard make quite the team competing in the Unified Track and Field shotput. 

Last season, the duo placed first at State, and they say they hope to do the same this year. 

“The two of them got together last year. DC has learned a lot from Kevin and Kevin has learned a lot from DC. He lifts weights like DC and they work out. They were always high fiving and fist bumping in the hallways and taking care of eachother,” said Apollo throws coach Chris Stockdale. 

Boone took Lychard under his wing to teach him all about shotput, a relationship their coach describes as brothers. 

“I like to see Kevin succeed, and it makes him happy to do good,” said Boone. “And it makes me happy to see Kevin happy.”

The duo qualified for State on Tuesday and hope to break the Unified shotput record this season. 

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(This story was originally published on May 21, 2019)

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