Archie Joins Peyton in Peddling Pizza

Archie Joins Peyton in Peddling Pizza _25340500831128955

DENVER(AP) — Peyton Manning figured one good Papa deserved another.

Manning’sfather, Archie, is joining his son as a Papa John’s pitchman,spearheading the pizza chain’s coin-flip promotion at the Super Bowlin the family’s hometown of New Orleans.

Whilehe was sitting out last season with his neck injury, Peyton Manningstarred in a Papa John’s Super Bowl commercial with Jerome Bettis.Manning was dressed up as a referee. “Hey, a man’s gotta work,OK” he told Bettis.

Aftersigning with the Broncos, Peyton Manning invested in 21 of thecompany’s pizza stores in the Denver area. More recently, Papa John’sapproached Archie about being a spokesman for the Super Bowlpromotion. Starting Sunday, fans can go online and choose heads ortails for the opening coin toss. The winners will get free pizza.


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