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United States boxing at the Olympic Games has introduced us to some of the best boxers in the world, It introduced us to big names like Muhammad Ali, George foreman and Floyd Mayweather, Which has lead us to a very high medal count. In fact our 111 medals is the most won by any country in boxing since it was introduced in 1904. With a rich history like that, you know a lot of hard work goes into it. And with the help of technology, athletes not only work harder, but also smarter.”

Mounier Zok a Sr. Sports Technologist says “We work a lot with artificial intelligence algorithms cognitive computing algorithms. With aim of answering questions we have poised and also predict some outcomes that maybe we have not been aware of  or  that would lead us to make better decisions. “

One of those advanced technologies are these micro chips you see here, which go under the gloves, which calculates the athletes hand speed ands and power, which allows them to see which of their punches is the strongest and the fastest.

“And each boxer knows what their training level is today and you know I’d Shakur needs to step it up or maybe Niko is exaggerating right now, he needs to step it down. Then they have the exact information that they need. to make those decisions.” Says Zok.

Olympic Boxing begins on August 14th.

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