HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)-Boonville Head Coach Darin Ward says he is pleased about the work he and his team have accomplished this summer.

Now it’s almost time to see what that looks like against the competition Eyewitness News brings you this Home Team Friday preview with the Pioneers.

The intensity has picked up as the Boonville Pioneers are less than 10 days from the start of the season.

Head Coach Darin Ward says there are always unknowns about how a team will perform before their first game, but he believes in his team and continues to push them to reach their maximum potential.

“Our biggest thing is just attitude and effort, you know, those are two things that we can control every day we come out to practice for workouts. So bringing a positive attitude and how that impacts players around them and the team and just maximum effort all the time.”

One of those players who is putting in maximum effort on the field is senior wideout Walker Pierce.

“Getting ready. Mostly it’s just been bringing the energy to every practice, making sure we’re getting better every single day out here, making sure we’re working in the weight room and working on the field.”

Last season, the Pioneers were led by some strong senior leadership, including Klay Connor and Reece Welder. Now there are new upperclassmen on this team who Coach Moore believes will be up to the task of leading the program this season.

Some of those players include Ethan Smith, Marquise Ballard, Stihl Scott, and Wyatt Franz, just to name a few.

With the experience they have coming back, Coach Ward hopes what they learned last season will help them make a strong impact on Friday nights.

” We typically look in depth on Friday nights, but when you go against it every day in practice, day after day after day, So, I think those guys—all of our guys got some really good experience last year.

Boonville will play its opener on August 25 at Southridge.