HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – “When you send your 2-year-old filly to the races for the first time, or any horse, you think of all the things that can go wrong, and pray they don’t. And this, I did not expect,” remarked owner/trainer Michael Ann Ewing.

When Ewing sent her horse to Ellis Park on Saturday, the highway wasn’t exactly the track she expected her to run on. 

It all started when the horse, Bold and Bossy, bucked her rider before their race. She managed to escape from the outrider at the track, jumping over a levee, and making a dash for U.S. Highway 41.

It’s not the horsepower you expect to encounter on the highway. Bold and Bossy trotted alongside traffic for 30 minutes before she was ultimately caught by a search party. 

“The horsemen’s community there, with racing officials and vets and trainers and assistants that I don’t even know were all jumping in their trucks looking for her.”

The horse suffered only minor cuts and scrapes, and was severely dehydrated, but came out mostly unharmed. 

“We were very pleased to make sure that that horse was collected safely by our local horsemen. It led us a merry chase, I will say.”

“For her to come out of that just pretty healthy, as she was, other than the dehydration, was a miracle, quite frankly.”

But just when Ewing thought the drama had passed, she got a scary phone call early this morning from her assistant. 

“She called me at 5 o’clock this morning, and had been awakened by one of our track vets calling her and saying, ‘Get to the race track. The receiving barn is on fire.’”

The barn caught fire around 4 a.m. this morning while as many as seven horses were residing inside it. Those horses were ultimately saved from that building, but one horse, suffered minor injuries. 

That horse was Bold and Bossy. 

Those injuries were minor, and the filly is currently being treated at a hospital in Lexington. Ewing said she expects her to be fine, but she will have a long break from horse racing. 

In spite of all the trauma of the past 24 hours, Bold and Bossy’s owner is able to see the humor in her horse’s viral joyride.

And after her wild weekend in Henderson, she has definitely lived up to her name. 

“She is definitely Bold and Bossy,” Ewing joked. “It’s definitely bold going down the highway.”