Hockey 101: Offsides



Hello there, Jeff Bes here, Thunderbolts head coach. Today we are talking about offsides. Offsides is when a player enters the opposing zone that crosses the blue line before the puck does. The reason they do that, they don’t want anybody cherry picking having a player in the offensive zone before anyone is there.

Offsides is when the player enters the opposing zone, crosses the blue line, before the puck does. So if a player goes in before the puck goes into the offensive zone, they will blow the whistle and they will call it offsides and with that the puck will come outside the blue line in the neutral zone, for a faceoff right here.

The referee or the linesman, will allow you to come outside the zone if the other team has possession of the puck and tag up and let you go back in and attack and that is called a delayed offside.

I’m Thunderbolts head coach, Jeff Bes, and that’s your Hockey 101 for this week.

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(This story was originally published on November 6, 2019)

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