How Many Golf Balls in ULFC?


There are always lots of golf balls scattered across a driving range, but exactly how many are there?

Golf balls are everywhere. They’re scattered at various distances and constantly filling the driving range at Victoria National. 

“I’ve seen players pick up 8 or 9 or 10 bags and keep playing for hours,” Player Services associate Landon Mayes said. 

“I normally probably hit balls for about 20 minutes I guess,” Golf Pro Steve Allan said.  

Every player can get as many bags of golf balls as they want. There is usually somewhere between 20 and 25 dimpled white spheres in each bag. So how many does the course have to pick up daily?

“It’s got to be close to ten to fifteen thousand balls,” Mayes said. 

That’s Landon Mayes job. He says he picks the range two to three times a day.

“If you have someone picking and someone hand picking the balls that aren’t getting picked up it takes about an hour and half two hours,” Mayes said.

He says it’s quite the job.

“You have to get every single ball off of this like we have to have this completely clean and all the tees off the driving area and everything clean around this area,” he said. 

18-year golf pro Steve Allan says practice only makes perfect. He relies on one bag before he hits the course.

“You don’t want to go to the first tee feeling stiff and not ready to play,” he said. 

So ultimately how many golf balls are hit from the driving range during the tournament? There is quite a few.

“A 100,000 golf balls,” Mayes.

The driving range is usually picked early in the morning before it opens around 8 a.m. and then multiple times throughout the day.

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