HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – The Indy 500 is set for May 28th, but the whole month is filled with anticipation. There’s plenty to keep the 107th version of this event fresh.

Bumping is back which means that 34 cars will try to be qualifying to get into the 33 car field.

Four racers are tied for the most Indy 500 wins of all time, including active racer, Helio Castronevez. He will be going for the record fifth. President of the Indianapolis Speedway, Douglas Boles said he’s conflicted on if he wants a lone record.

“I think he has an oppurtunity to do that. As a promoter I’m not sure if I want one five-time winner or if I like it better with four, four-time winners,” said Boles.

It’s also Tony Kanaan’s last Indy 500 race. Boles said its got fans excited for the 2013 champions farewell.

“When he won, it was one of the more monumental moments in the race’s history. The crowd celebrated with him. They will definitely celebrate with him as he finishes his last Indy 500,” said Boles.

Scott Dixon is another driver that has had a lot of success, but not at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He’s won once, and last year he was so close to another. Boles said that Dixon is still an incredible racer.

“It’s hard to believe that Scott Dixon hasn’t won two, three, or four races already. He’s led more laps at the Indy 500 than anyone else in our history,” said Dixon.

Off the track Boles said the Indiana pride will show.

“If your from Indiana, the thing to be most excited about is this is the oppurtunity for us to be on an international stage,” said Boles.

There’s so much else going on during the weekend including concerts where Shaquille O’Neil will be performing amongst others. As usual there should be an extreme amount of people there on Memorial Day weekend ready for one of the greatest spectacles in sports.