EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) How did a small Catholic high school put together its only undefeated season, just a year before closing forever?

It’s a fairy tale ending straight out of a story book.

And It all began with a lot of hope around the Monarch’s program in the summer of 1970.

The summer practices before, we all felt really good about ourselves and we liked our chances. We had a good group of guys, and most of us had been together since the 7th grade.

We were really confident because we really worked hard. We worked hard from like grade school to work to that point. I felt going into that season, I just expected it. I really did. I didn’t expect anybody to come close to beating us.

Those high expectations were justified. Rex Mundi made quick work of its opponents with five shutouts on the year. Mml A a m Along the way, some players recall hearing rumors that the school might soon be closing its doors in the near future.

But they kept their focus, and didn’t let up from achieving their undefeated goal.

I think the fear was we’re going to have one game where we just don’t do well, and that’ll be the one that will keep us from it, but that game never came.

It never came, but the Monarchs sure got a scare in the final game of the season. After nine weeks of football, Rex Mundi had just one more game to go to cap off their first undefeated season against Memorial.

In some of the muddiest conditions imaginable, the Monarchs squeaked out a win by the smallest margin of the season 6-0.

Rex Mundi successfully capped off an undefeated season, winning both City and SIAC Championships. For the team, it was a fulfillment of a dream, and a reason to celebrate.

“I just felt relieved because it just wouldn’t have been a perfect season. That’s what we wanted. We wanted a perfect season. That’s what we worked hard for.”

The team coined the term “Mythical State Champs”, and with no state playoff system, we’ll never know for sure.

“We were called mythical state champs, because nobody beat us. How could you say we didn’t win the state?”

Just one season after, falling enrollment and financial troubles forced Rex Mundi to close its doors forever.

But while Rex Mundi’s book has been written, no one can take away one of its proudest chapters: a mythical state championship.

“It was a storybook ending, and Rex Mundi was a pretty cool school, so it’s fitting.”

“It’s meant a lot to me. It’s been a long time ago, and I’m probably a legend in my own mind, but I did play on a remarkable football team, and I’ll always feel that way.””

(This story was originally published on September 21, 2021)