FORT BRANCH, In. (WEHT) – The Seller family takes being a football family to a whole different level as they work to make a difference together and have fun while doing it.

For many families across the country football is a family tradition but how about one dad and his three sons on one coaching staff and their youngest brother suiting up at receiver for Gibson Southern High School.

As a dad this is something Jeff Sellers says he never even dreamed of happening as he gets to watch his sons go from playing in the backyard together to being on the field with them all at once.

“Was able to be here when our three sons went through as players and our fourth son is a player,” said Jeff. “Lloyd is going through now, but now the three of the boys that have played here now and the coaching staff. So getting to coach with three of my sons and then coach our son and their little brother. So it’s definitely a dream come true,” he added.

Caleb Sellers is currently earning his teaching degree while being a coach and coaching is just another avenue Caleb says he wants to use to help prepare the next generation for the future.

“Dad has been a coach of some form his whole life and I think just seeing the impact that he’s been able to have on people and kind of be inspired by that and then obviously I love football,” explained Caleb. “It’s a lot of fun and just being able to do it with family.”

For a community that has done so much for him Nicholas Sellers uses this opportunity to give back.

“That’s the reason I’m out here, is because I just love being a part of this community and everyone here,” stated Nicholas “People growing up here and from the time you’re a little kid, it’s all you ever dream of. “It’s also just so much bigger than football.

For Isaac Sellers he says his whole life has centered around his community and family and Gibson Southern Football intertwines with both.

“It did so much for me going through high school, people in the community, my church, all of that,” explained Isaac. “Now to to be helping the younger generation, there’s nothing else I’d really rather be doing.”

The youngest brother of the family is Lloyd Sellers and now as a sophomore he’s getting opportunities on varsity level which leads to him to being coach by his dad and older brothers.

“It was cool, kind of weird,” said Lloyd. “During the game I’ll be on the sideline and my brother would call my name to get on the field, and it’s pretty cool. It was like him backyard. He was on my team.”

Jeff says his family would not be who they are without the head coach at home.

“A great part of my ride has been, you know, my wife, Amy,” said Jeff. “She’s all in on the football journey and that that makes it for a great ride. We’ve always had her support, through all the years and still do so. Shout out to to Amy sellers, the head coach”