EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Central football was winless in 2022. That prompted a coaching change when they brought in Brandon Artis. Artis is a Central graduate.

The new coach wants to rebuild the program with players that fit.

“Finding guys that have that hustle mentality, that say, ‘you know what, Central’s different,” said Artis.

Artis also believes in a two-way relationship with his players.

“As a first-year head coach you want the guys that are going to go swinging with you. I’m going to fight for them so I want guys that are going to fight for me,” said Artis.

The players like quarterback Nate Cano, know that Artis has had success at the same school they are at, so they believe his message.

“We like to think he was a pretty good athlete back in the day. So whenever he tells us something, we know what he’s talking about,” said Cano.

Having Central football playing experience adds more than just credibility according to their linebacker, Killian Woolsey.

“It’s an honor to have someone take pride in something that was once his. I think it’s awesome that he trusts us and believes in us that he can make something out of us,” said Woolsey.

One win would be all it takes to see progression for Central football.