EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The Central Girl’s Basketball team has had their ups and downs this season. But one thing that’s become apparent is that they always come back up after getting knocked down.

They started the season 0-4, but since then are 11-6.

The head coach, David Alexander said it’s because of consistency.

“Consistency. All across the board. From understanding scout, being able to make shots, to keeping the energy level high. Just having that consistent level all the way through,” said Alexander.

Guard Avery Kelley said it’s the reason they have bounced back.

“Our goal is to be consistent. And going under .500 was a little bit inconsistent and then we came back. I think that’s a good booster for us and I think that’s going to motivate us to stay above it,” said Kelley.

Guard Mya Skelton says getting the momentum can carry them forward.

“Definitely whenever we get on a roll, we have to stay on a roll, and keep the winning streak alive. I think it definitely helps with energy and coming out the next game having that fire to get a big lead in the beginning,” said Skelton.

Now they have just two games left on their season, and the team wants to focus game by game, but they know that sectionals are just around the corner.