EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) –  The Deaconess Women’s Hospital Golf outing took place Monday at Evansville Country Club. Many women who have fought, continue to fight or support in the fight to raise money for cancer screenings were out on the course.

Theresa Phipps, a Deaconess Hospital Event Specialist, talked about the impact of the event.

“This is our 29th season, and we have raised over $4 million so far,” Phipps said. “Over those 29 years to fight breast cancer and women’s cancers.”

Julia Potter-Bob, a two-time USGA Mid-AM champion, discussed the fight.

“I mean, a lot of these people in this field have fought,” Potter-Bob said. “You know, we’re in the fight right now with these women, with these cancers. And so, you know, to be out here and to at least give them a great afternoon to play golf and be a part of something bigger. Now, you know, just for the Evansville community.”

Next year, being their 30th year of celebration and raising money, the volunteers are gracious that each year people come to support and spread awareness.

Jayne Manis and Marty Quakkelaar are two volunteers who know the impact of the event on the community.

“We’ve come a long way,” Quakkelaar said. “But we can’t do that without the whole community and all of the volunteers that it’s just wonderful.

“And we don’t often get a chance to say thank you,” Manis said. “So you’re giving us that opportunity, and we do want to say that.”

Next year will be the ‘big 30’ for the event.