EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The Harrison Boy’s Basketball team started off the season at a rough 3-5. However, they went on a hot streak and won five straight and now sit at 9-6.

The team has just one senior, and has three juniors and four sophomores. Head Coach Nathan Fleenor says the team is just getting better with experience.

“I think that the great thing is that with these sophomores, the more experience they get, including our juniors, they are just going to keep getting better. I think the sky is the limit if we can keep working and staying together. Then good things can happen here as we keep moving on in this season,” said Fleenor.

Guard Shane Sims says the pieces are coming together.

“We’re really young with only one senior. We’ve been putting pieces together as we haven’t had that much time together compared to these other teams that have been together playing with each other for years. But halfway through the season, we’ve started to figure things out,” said Sims.

Guard Eli Speer says the success is a reflection of their development.

“I think it speaks to how we’ve grown, how we’ve come together as a team, and how we’ve progressed through the season,” said Speer.

Next up they play Vincennes Lincoln Friday night at 6 p.m.