HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WEHT) — As high school football draws closer, the Henderson County Colonels are gearing up for the season with a most of their offense and defense returning.

Colonels head coach Josh Boston says with 20 seniors heading into the season, the leadership those players will provide will help the team moving forward both on and off the field.

“They have a trust amongst each other because they’ve been on the field under the lights with each other,” coach Boston explained. “When they have that trust, that discipline is a lot easier to come by.”

Four of those seniors have been starters since their freshman year. They will hope to make sure they provide structure to the rest of the team and to make sure everyone is prepared when their number is called.

“When we come out the game, they’re going to be the ones who go in and just holding them accountable and just teaching them and making sure they know what they’re doing,” senior Jaheim Williams said.

Saadiq Clements says to get wins they have to have the come crowd cheering them on and their support on Friday nights is always at an all-time high.

“We’re real supported around here,” senior Clements said. “We’re the only high school in Henderson so there’s a lot of people at the school, so that mean’s it’s going to be a lot of fans.”

Clements says the game as much as the game is about wins, it’s also about having fun but even better when you do both.

“I love football so I’m always glad to be out here,” Clements said.

“Whether we’re doing conditioning drills or we’re doing circuit drills or whether its team or whatever it is, making sure the seniors understand they’re setting an example,” coach Boston explained. “Every single rep every single day. The actions on and off the field no matter what they do. They’re the ones that are going to provide that leadership.”

For the coaches it’s all about making sure their team is prepared.

“We talk a lot about our opponents. we reflect on games from last year,” coach Boston said. “Little things in those games that turned the game. Made a difference in the game. Bringing those things up and examples in practice and making sure we understand how every little matters in what we do and how it’s going to impact the future.”

Henderson County opens their season on August 19th home against Calloway County.