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Home Team Friday is always fun, but the Wildcats of Mater Dei took it to another level Friday morning!

President Andy Morris spoke with Jake Boswell and Ron Rhodes to start the day as students grabbed Donut Banks donuts and got situated.

Our first game of the day was the human ring toss that pitted each graduating class against each other. After two elimination rounds, the Seniors won the contest.

Several fall athletes representing their respective sports gave an update on their seasons so far. From golf, to soccer, to tennis, to volleyball, to football, each team has a busy week ahead.

We rounded out our games for the morning with a Tic Tac Toe relay which totally flipped the script from the ring toss. The Freshmen took down the Senior and then the Juniors to win the overall competition.

The morning ended with 99.5 WKDQ Morning DJ Ryan O’Bryan giving his Week 3 football picks. The ’95 graduate of Mater Dei chose the home team after a drum roll from the band.

Once the school fight song played, it was announced that Mater Dei brought in more than 1,300 pairs of socks that will be donated to the Santa Clothes Club. That grand total led to Mrs. Strehl taking a pie to the face. It was the second time in three years she got pied by her son on TV.

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