MT. CARMEL, Ill. (WEHT) – Wabash Valley College is the No. 1 ranked team in the most recent NJCAA baseball poll.

This year, they are performing near the peak of junior college baseball, but even this success isn’t foreign to the Warriors. In 2017 they finished in third place in the World Series and just last season they finished fourth.

This year, Aaron Biddle took over as head coach. Sophomore Jacob Frost said he’s upkept the gold-standard culture that previous coach Rob Fournier had.

“It’s the same culture where baseball players want to come here and compete and this is the place to do it,” said Frost.

The culture has also created a team bond that’s brought a kid from the Bronx, Richard Bonomolo Jr. to Mt. Carmel.

“When your playing with teammates you love and a coach that you love playing for, everything works out for your team,” said Bonomolo Jr.

The recruitment process has been extremely successful. For a player like Frost, he was sold immediately on the college.

“When I stepped on this baseball field on the first base side, I got this feeling and this energy that this was the place that I wanted to play,” said Frost.

There is enormous talent on the field, so there’s a question as to why these players chose to start at the junior college level. Head Coach Aaron Biddle said it’s because of unique opportunities.

“It’s an opportunity to come play right away rather than sitting behind juniors and seniors, while also paying more money because they may not be on a really good scholarship,” said Biddle.

Now these players are in the position to potentially win a national championship in Grand Junction, CO.