EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Over 3,250 miles separate Reykjavik, Iceland from Evansville, Indiana. But no distance could stop these five Icelandic women from competing in this year’s Amateur Disc Golf World Championships.

During their time in the US, the women said they noticed distinct differences between their country and ours. Svandís Halldórsdóttir, Elín Valgerður Gautadóttir and Kolbrun Mist Palsdottir was thrilled to share their story with Eyewitness News on June 20.

The women’s journey began when Elin received an invite by email to the tournament. All she had to do was ask, “Who’s with me?” Soon after, Elin and four others were booking flights to Evansville.

“This is the first women only trip abroad for Iceland,” said Kolbrun. “I’ve been to lots of trips like the European Championships but this is the first time we’re just all women traveling together. The women sport is growing in Iceland.”

The long distance was not the only hurdle the ladies had to overcome. The towering trees were not a familiar sight for the ladies.

“The joke in Iceland is if you get lost in a forest, you just stand up,” joked Svandis.

“Our wooded courses in Iceland, you can throw over the trees,” said Kolbrun.

The athletes tell us Iceland is known for their hot springs. These cool ladies compared their hot springs to our weather.

“The heat, that’s the biggest obstacle for me,” said Elin. “The temperature here is so high according to back home. So it’s more difficult for us than for people who are traveling from more warmer states. When it reaches 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit), everyone says they are melting.”

When we spoke with the athletes, they shared their goals for the tournament with us. The disc golfers all agreed they wanted to play their best, but also have fun.

“Not finishing last, basically just playing my best game, just thinking about I how I play my game back at home and upscaling it,” said Elin. “I’m just playing for myself. This is also my first tournament abroad. First time in the USA.”

The first round of the tournament starts June 21 and these ladies will be playing the course in Haubstadt. More information about the tournament can be found at www.pdga.com.