EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — A Fun Run fundraising event in Jasper helps the Jasper’s Mayor Youth Leadership Council to raise funs to revamp the Ruxer golf course into a new disc-golf course.

Before it can become open for disc-golf, improvements have to be made to the course and that’s when the council stepped up.

“So we are actually partnering with the jasper parks department and they told us about the opportunity that they wanted to make a disc golf course and that there are some bridges that they needed to be re-done in order for it to be safe for the public,” said Brailyn Whaley, youth council president. “We decided to hop on board and help them out with that.”

Chris Lubenow is the treasurer of the Dubois County disc-golf club and he believes this will add just another feature for the city of Jasper and could also be beneficial in the long run.

“This would kind of be the beginning for some people to come out here and play,” Lubenow said. “We also want to host tournaments out here that’s hopefully going to have some type of economic benefit for jasper and get people from different counties different states to come into this area,” he added.

The council says the support from the community has been very helpful and the continued support continues to be helpful.

“It means so much, just to know that everyone is behind us and supports this and has our back and wants us to succeed, Whaley said. ‘It really means a lot.”

For the mayor’s youth leadership council leader Lisa Bower it’s more than just fun
it’s an opportunity to learn even more outside the classroom.

“Students within the high school were able to get the opportunity to learn about government and just the processes, it doesn’t just happen overnight,” Bower said. “They have to go get board approval they have to go through design processes.”

Besides just learning how local government works, students have also had the opportunity to work with Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide and learn from him in the process.