LINCOLN CITY, Ind. (WEHT) – The stars were out on Sunday at the Lincoln Ampitheatre for the 2022 Indiana Football Hall of Fame ceremony.

Five former Heritage Hills Patriots legends were back in the Tri-State for the honors – including Jay Cutler, Ken Dilger, Stan Jochim, Bruce King, and Chris Sigler.

The event was open for fans to go out and meet this incredible group of athletes, and it was a nice homecoming for the inductees.

“I haven’t seen anybody in a long time,” said Jay Cutler. “And to see the same people I went to school with and worked at the school and coached me and taught me. For all of them to come back and come to this night, it’s a really special experience. And to have my kids here and they’re really young and to have them understand that this is where I came from and these are all the people who helped me get to this point. It’s a special moment.”

“Coming back here is a special time for me,” said Ken Dilger. “So many great memories from childhood. The people here, so many great coaches to be a part of. Flag football to seventh grade to Coach Clayton and his entire staff. It’s about the Patriots program, it’s about the people involved. This honor is all for them who helped us get to where we were.”