NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) – Over 100 golfers were invited to the to annual Korn Ferry Tournament and a few players including Austin Eckroat are using this tournament as an opportunity to take the next step in their career.

Eckroat is looking to earn a permanent spot on the PGA tour, something he has dreamed about since he first picked up a golf club at the age of three and he believes his opportunity to join that tour is at the Korn Ferry tournament.

“My dad got me into golf whenever I was two or three so I’ve played it my whole life,” Eckroat said. “This was kind of always the goal. I’m trying to get to the PGA tour and with it being one tournament away that’s pretty cool. huge family that supports me and then also my fiancé travels a lot so I have a good support system.”

Eckroat knows golf is one of the most rollercoaster sports but he is currently playing some of his best golf.

“To quote a lot of our guys will reiterate a lot is the person who finishes 75th on this point list could easily go get a PGA tour card,” explained Zach Dirlam, Korn Ferry representative. “Austin falls in that category who began the year with conditional status and all of a sudden went on this streak of top 25’s which continued to get him into the next week.”

This tournament has a lot of people who are playing great golf but golf can change in an instant.

“Basically not playing the first dozen or so events of the season to all of a sudden finishing in the top 75 you have to play some very impressive golf to do that and austin certaintly did that and if you talk to players on the tour he’s certaintly someone who is among the top ball strikers out here.”

With this being the last chance to qualify for the PGA tour this year, Eckroat says there is a little bit of pressure but he’s focused on the end all goal.

“The nice thing about being here is you have an automatic card next year on the Korn Ferry tour so worst case scenario I have another chance next year so I mean there’s definitely a little bit of added pressure than other events this week,” Eckroat explained. “Just because of what’s at stake but you try to just play golf it’s still all the same game.”

Only four good rounds stand between him and what he describes as the opportunity of a lifetime.