EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Spring sports are in action, but this isn’t your average school sport. The Mater Dei Clay Target Team is in action and it’s competition season.

“It’s relatively new,” said senior Nathan Koressel. “A lot of people haven’t heard of it. So yeah, it’s good to like, spread the news to people to get them to know it.”

The coordination required for this sport is unlike any other.

“It’s showing your accuracy with a shotgun by shooting fast moving like pigeons out of the air,” said junior Jacob Scheller.

The team started practice in March, but now they are ready for their road to State.

“They simply are getting better week after week after week,” said head coach Scott Norris. “And I think desire will get them to go as far as it can go.”

Many are familiar with how tournaments generally go down, but the clay target league’s competition is unique. Scheller explained that the team normally shoots on their own at the range and then the scores are entered online. Afterwards, the different teams’ scores are compared.”

Competition started Thursday and we can all agree that there’s no better feeling than coming out perfect.

“It’s awesome,” added Scheller. “It’s an incredible feeling. It’s the best feeling ever. This is the third time I’ve hit a straight 25. So it’s awesome. My heart was beating out of my chest the entire time.”

Mater Dei has proven to be one of the best programs in Indiana. Norris said that the team won the State Championship in 2018 and 2019. He said there wasn’t a competition in 2020, but last year, he said three quarters of the team were first year shooters, and they placed third in the state.

“I have high hopes for this year,” added Norris.

The cherry on top of it all – it’s fun!

“It’s a lot of fun being with these guys every weekend,” added Koressel. “It’s a lot of fun doing better every week.”

“I’m having fun doing this or I wouldn’t be doing it,” said Norris.