EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Bosse Field in Evansville holds so much history. As the third oldest ballpark in America, it has housed a wide array of incredible events. It was the home to a AAA team from 1970 through 1984, affiliated with the Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers and Detroit Tigers. More than 100 MLB Hall of Famers have come to Bosse Field in some capacity, including players, managers, and broadcasters. So next on the list would be to host a regular season Major League Baseball game.

“The inspiration really came from watching the field of dreams game,” said Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. “If you think about the just the opening of the broadcast last year and all of that with Kevin Costner and then the Yankees and the White Sox players come out of the cornfields and, and then the game, of course ends on a dramatic walk off home run. I mean, if you like baseball, or just like the thrill of sports, it’s hard not to like that. And I’m a big baseball fan. So I thought, you know, we don’t have cornfields in the city. But we’ve got Bosse Field.”

The mayor’s office and Evansville Otters owner Bill Bussing teamed up and Evansville’s own Don Mattingly helped get the message to MLB.

“The initial interest was that the movie was filmed here – ‘A League of Their Own’ in 1991,” said Bussing. “But the more they saw of Evansville, and of our stadium and the surrounding facilities, the more appealing it became to them.”

For about a year, the planning continued. Several MLB officials visited the area and a potential date was chosen in 2023. But due to scheduling conflicts and international games already planned, the idea had to be moved to potentially be set up for a future season.

There would need to be many renovations done to Bosse field in order to get it up to MLB standards. First off, there would need to be a brand new field installed that is more level and has better drainage. Plus, home plate and the dugouts are too close to each other for MLB regulations, so they would need to extend the dugouts and move them further down the field. And new and upgraded seats would be added throughout the stadium.

“We think that the improvements that we would make at the ballpark would benefit the city of Evansville and the Otters for years to come,” added Bussing.

Bussing said the game would be broadcasted around the world, bringing the spotlight to Evansville and giving Bosse Field the national prominence it deserves.

“Even if it never happens, the mere fact that MLB has strongly considered us I think it’s a compliment to our community,” said Bussing.