EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Indiana high school football sectional championships begin Friday and there is one matchup that has a bitter history. Last season, Castle knocked off North in the 5A Sectional Championship last year 28-18. While the Huskies did take down their budding rivals in week one of this season, the bitter taste of last year’s playoff loss still lingers within the locker room but it will not get in the way of the end goal.

“I think our kids are just excited to be able to play for another opportunity,” Huskies head coach Joey Paridaen said. “I think our kids are wanting to try to get that experience of a sectional championship. So I think it’s more about just playing for a sectional championship than it is about who we’re playing.”

On the other hand, Knights head coach Doug Hurt knows the main reason for their slim loss early in the season was the run game, an aspect that needs work on both ends.

“You know, I think running the football and stopping the run both on both sides of the ball, it’s kind of an old coaching cliché, but they never stopped,” Hurt said. “We never stop North. They only stop themselves. I think we were just in the way a couple of times and so we got to be a little bit more sound and the things that we’re doing defensively and then on offense find a way to move the ball against a very stout defense.”

North heads to Castle for a 6:30 p.m. kickoff in Newburgh on Friday, Nov. 3.