INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WEHT) – Winning a back-to-back championship is one of the most coveted accomplishments in sports. On Saturday afternoon, the Lady Rangers were able to accomplish the rare feat.

It didn’t start out smoothly as senior Danielle EcKert went down with an injury within the first minute of play. Coach Tony Hasenour said she’s vital to the team, but they had other players who did great when called upon.

“Danielle is kind of an emotional glue for us. But it also changes rotations and positions and all that so it was a big wrench thrown in the works there but I thought the girls did a great job. We had girls playing more minutes tonight than they’ve ever played before,” said Hasenour.

The theme of the game was perseverance. The Rangers were winning before a shot with 17 seconds left put them down one. But Amber Tretter scored the game winner with just six seconds left on the clock. Tretter said she entrusted in the drawn up play.

“I was just told to be confident. Tell myself that it’s going in and make a move be strong and go up. My teammates really trusted me on that. I’m so thankful for them that they trust me,” said Tretter.

One of the players that stepped up was Lydia Betz who had a team high 15 points. After the game, Betz was just focused on what the win meant to those that supported the team all year.

“We’re such a small community. I mean we might be 2A but it feels like a 1A community. Just small but mighty, and I mean coming from that we just mesh and we always have and I’m blessed to have that,” said Betz.

The team is comprised of seven seniors and Betz said this was the best way to go out.

“Whether we would’ve won or lost, to end it here and to end it with the best teammates I could ask for I don’t even know what to say,” said Betz.

Now those seniors leave the high school court for the last time as champions.