MORGANFIELD, Ky. (WEHT) – As of Wednesday night, Union County had not named a starting quarterback for Friday night’s game.

The two quarterbacks trying to win the job are Caton Wilson and Keaton Garrett. Both of those passers were on JV last season. Wilson said that they both expected to be competing with each other for the starting job.

“We knew it since last JV that we’d be battling for it all season probably,” said Wilson.

For these two, it’s not an unhealthy rivalry.

“We just try to coach each other and help each other out to make us better players,” said Garrett.

Helping each other out has created a bond on and off the field.

“We both want the spot really bad and we’re both willing to fight for it. It comes down to the end of the day of who’s going to get it. But there’s no hate between us. It’s all love,” said Wilson.

While there’s no starter as of Wednesday, both of them feel ready to play.

“I think we both feel comfortable. I think our receivers and backs know that with either quarterback, we’re still ready to play,” said Garrett.

We’ll see who takes the first snap on Friday night versus Madisonville-North Hopkins.