EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – For the 23rd year, some of the best young female tennis players are back in Evansville this week for the Women’s Hospital Classic. But this summer, there’s been quite the shake up on the courts. Wednesday’s insane heat index proved to be too dangerous to play in – one woman was hospitalized with heat-related symptoms after winning a match. The rest of the matches on Wednesday were moved to the indoor facility. Thursday morning, taking no risks, the Classic picked things back up indoors.

“Actually I was playing my match, I played the first two sets and I almost finished my match outdoors,” said Emiliana Arango of Columbia. “I was up 5-4 in the third and then we had to stop. So I actually only played one game today!”

“Being here we know we’re going to play, we’re going to play on time, so it takes a lot of stress off the players,” said Kim Poynter, tournament director. “Our hope for the weekend is to go back outdoors. That’s our plan. On Sunday we’ll have 200 to 300 spectators and we’d really like to be outside for that.”

Poynter said if the heat is still too dangerous for the final matches, they will set up for spectators in the indoor facility.