EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Tiger Woods’ return to golf at the Masters was an inspiration for many athletes, but one man in Evansville is doing his share of inspiring local golfers. Pete Harris is 96-years-old and still golfs at Fendrich Golf Course weekly.

“It’s something to do,” said Harris. “And it’s a challenge.”

Harris said he’s been regularly golfing for over a half of a century. He and Doris, his late wife of 69 years, both lefties, would travel around the country, stopping at different golf courses along the play to sneak in a game. Harris lives just next door to Fendrich and said he used to golf daily. Now, he plays with his brother-in-law Mitch Marsch.

“He’s real competitive,” said Marsch. “And I think just competing against life. He’s my inspiration to play golf and to live as far as that goes, because he’s really active for that age. I don’t think I’ll ever make that age.”

Harris added that sometimes he goes golfing with his preacher, adding that “I can’t curse when I play with a preacher!”

Harris is the oldest member of the men’s club at the course. Other members say they love seeing him come to their monthly meetings and dinners.

“A man of age 97 that actually comes out and swings a golf club and plays a runs of golf is very unusual, it’s very rare,” said Sean O’Daniel, a fellow men’s club member. “But Pete, man. He has got endurance to the max. He really is an inspiration to us all to stay with it and stay out there and keep coming back.”

Harris and Marsch said they don’t care what their scores are. They say they just want to go out and have fun together.

“We laugh more than anything else,” added Marsch. “The atmosphere is so pure. I mean, you know, we were out to have a good time. And if we hit a bad shot, then we had another one. You go out and enjoy yourself and enjoy your friendship. If you want to enjoy golf for a long time, like Pete has, play for good time, don’t play for the score.”

“All I want to do is hit the ball halfway decent,” added Harris.

“And he does!” said Marsch. “He still can hit the ball well. He don’t hit it as far and I don’t either, but he hits it straight and right at the hole. If you get within 100 yards, he’s dangerous.”

Harris will be 97 in August and said he just wants to be able to continue to get out and golf weekly.