Michael Gilbert sits down with 4A state champions Memorial


HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Michael Gilbert sits down 4A state champions, Memorial, discussing their football title.


(Michael Gilbert)
Welcome back to eyewitness at 9pm on local 7, Some special guests are here to chat, The 4A state champions, Memorial…visiting our Eyewitness News studio Memorial defeated East Noble 21-3 at Lucas Oil Stadium Coach, first congratulations, second, some outside of your circle didn’t expect the Tigers to win considering your move from 3A to 4A, so how special does this title feel?

I think it’s special for our kids… It was an interesting (state) match up but I did not have a lot of familiarity with a lot of our postseason teams.

This is Memorial’s second title in third years, what does that speak about this program and where it could be headed?

I’m proud of these kids, going into the year, I was saying something to Alan Michael, he made a comment about going to state, my initial response was easy Tiger… He spoke at our Pep Assembly when we returned and he talked a lot about leadership with these guys. It’s just neat to look back and take it all in. As far as where we are going, I think if these guys rub off on the younger guys, I think there are good things ahead of us. We will just have to wait and see.

Let’s talk to the players now, Memorial’s quarterback, Colton Pence, is here, you guys just had a huge Welcome back party. Describe seeing the Tiger Faithful welcome you back

It was really one of the best feelings in the world, really, it was amazing. You didn’t don’t get that after winning state champions, but every game our fans showed up and supported us no matter what, win or lose, they would support us.

And we have alan michael Stepto here…He played a critical role in the Tigers win, snagging two interceptions, that tied an individual state record… describe what it was like with that game sealing takeaway?

That was just right after Brock Combs amazing run, it was awesome though, I dropped back, made my read, he looked too long, and I picked it off. After I did that, I knew we had to win, it was something else, really something unexplainable.

And coach, if you could, put these last two days from Saturday to Sunday into words, describe what it’s been like and putting a bow on this entire experience.

It’s been pretty emotional really, I had to coach these guys in 7th and at the time I thought I am not built to deal with 7th graders. Just to see where those guys are from that point, what, they were 41-3 in their varsity careers. It’s a contribute to their hard work and commitment to each other.

Well again thank you so much for stopping by our Eyewitness News studio, the most recent 4A state champions, coming up next we talk Colts, what went wrong with the horseshoe coming up next on Eyewitness News…

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(This story was originally published on December 1, 2019)

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