Michael Lindauer wins 2018 HTF MVP of the Year


I am here at the milestones in Evansville, with our newly announced, home team Friday MVP, Michael Lindauer, Memorial quarterback and Michael you have thrown a lot of touchdowns throughout the year, you win this award, how special is it?

 It definitely is special, thank you to everyone who put me in this position to be here. thank you to you all hosting. It was great food, great atmosphere to be here, so thank you to everyone who has made this possible.

What was something you take away from this season when you were surrounded by so many noteworthy seniors?

The thing I take a way the mostly is the support I had. You read all the articles about outside the football stuff. Eventually the career is over, especially at the high school level which it already is. It’s what you take away from the game of football that coach always stresses.

You win a lot of the player of the week awards. But to finally be able to reflect like you did on a night like this, what does that mean to you take some and to review your season as a whole.

 Just Watching the highlight tapes, you get a little sad, knowing no more highlights are coming with that jersey. There were a ton that we made throughout our 4 years. There are highlights from every year I still remember, picture perfect, like right now.
Definitely kind of sad that’s the end of it.

I know you just said you are perfectionist, you finish the year as state runners up, describe what it meant to fight every single Friday night with your tigers?

It’s just the work that we put in and throughout the years and especially those three years where we were pretty successful so coach always says we were 28 and 2 and why are we hanging our heads about anything so thank you to the seniors for the work we put in to get here.

Finally you are here with your family and with your coach, what does it mean to be surrounded by your loved ones for this award?

Yeah, actually my mom got mad at me because I forgot to thank her up there so thanking my mom and dad first but it’s pretty special to be in the memorial community. You know everyone is going to see it. Coach Hurley and my mom and dad. If anybody said, who would you go to you needed to trust on and who would be like a father figure, that’s coach Hurley. Thank you for everything he’s done, thank you to the coaching staff and everybody that’s been there for us. So especially my mom and dad, let’s not forget that.

That’s a good note to end on, from milestones, I am Michael Gilbert 
With our new Home Team Friday MVP winner from 2018, Michael Lindauer,  

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(This story was originally published on Dec. 4, 2018)

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