BOURBONNAIS, IL – With the temperature hitting 100 degrees today the Bears were glad practice didn’t start today.

“It’s just a little warm today.  But that’s alright,” said Nick Roach, Bears Linebacker. “It’ll be better you know get us in shape

The Bears will have 15 practices here to shape up.  And Lovie Smith says the sessions could run a little longer then they have in the past.  Whatever it takes to better prepare for a rugged division scramble with the Packers and Lions.

“We’re in a tough division,” said Lovie Smith, Bears Head Coach.  “Our league is tough across the board and everybody wants to do well.

Brian Urlacher says he’ll be ready to go tomorrow to test his knee that he injured at the end of last season.

“Yea, yea as far as I know I am,” said Brian Urlacher. “Every practice they let me go I’ll be going.”

Johnny Knox is the only Bear who won’t be ready to go Thursday.  He still needs a lot more time to bounce back from back surgery.

“No timetable.  We are all taking time on this.  They are not rushing me, and I’m not rushing myself,” said Johnny Knox.  “This was a serious injury.  We’re all taking our time on this.”

The Bears first practice is Thursday.