Road Trip To Seattle Is No Easy Thing

Road Trip To Seattle Is No Easy Thing_4612077160943534136
The Seattle Seahawks are not one of the storied franchises in the NFL, but they have been one of the toughest teams to play at home since they joined the league.

They have gotten even tougher since moving to Centurylink Field from the Kingdome. The Seahawks have played 80 games in that stadium and they win 64 percent of the time in the regular season, and they are 5-1 in playoff games at home.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said today at his news conference, “Noise is certainly a factor. Teams travel out there, and it seems like a long way to go.”

It is a long way to go for most team in the NFL. The majority of teams in the league are east of the Rocky Mountains, so a trip to Seattle is the farthest trip west.

Garrett added, “The big focus for football team is to prepare well all week long, so we can go play and focus on ourselves on Sunday. It’ll be a real good challenge for us in all 3 areas.”

The Cowboys and the Seahawks play on Sunday afternoon at 3:05 in Seattle.

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