HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)-The excitement is certainly building in the Tri-State, three days away from the first Home Team Friday of the upcoming season.

We have covered a lot of teams in the Tri-State area up until now, but one team, in particular, deserves plenty of preseason recognition.

Coming off an 11-win season, the Owensboro Red Devils are right back to work, and after all the spring workouts and summer workouts, it is officially game week for the Red Devils and head coach Jay Fallin.

“You always every year when you start on July 10, it seems like it’s a long way away, but it always seems to fly by. And here we are again in game week.”

Jak Lindsey, a four-year starter for the Red Devils, will lead this team up front on the line of scrimmage.

“We got some younger guys, and, you know, obviously, you know, they work hard, but, you know, it’s obviously the seniors job along with, you know, those things we have to try and lift them up and just encourage them and let them know, especially on the offensive lines, it’s a physical position and it takes a lot of confidence. And so it’s obviously letting them know that we have their backs, and we know that they have ours.”

The Red Devils say their off-season workouts were full of intensity, but that is what helps them better prepare for the season. Running back Deion Winstead talked about the mindset.

“Be a leader and motivate everybody to come in and practice and practice like it’s a game, so just come in and be a leader and be a role model for everybody.”

Coach Fallin says with losing so much experience from last year, it’s possible they could take some lumps early, but it helps to build character and learn from mistakes.

“Owensboro High School Football has been around since 1895. No one person, no one class, is going to make or break now, was Bryan’s goal. From out of that, we’re we’re pretty sure everything those seniors did for us, but their time has come and gone. And now it’s time for these guys to step up and have their time.”

But if this team stays disciplined, Lindsey believes this team will be where they need to be come post-season.

“Seniors are going to have to step up and do the best we can to let these young guys know that we have what it takes to make it to the top.”

The Red Devils open their season at Christian Academy-Louisville on August 18.