Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) — The South Eastern Conference has been hit hard by COVID-19 as three games have been postponed.

As cases rise across the state of Alabama and throughout the country, some medical experts feel if cases don’t drop soon, it’s going to be a difficult time for college football and the public.

“Kind of like if you are riding in your car and if you’ve got shock absorbers, you can take a pot hole here and there, but if you drop off a six foot cliff and land, those shock absorbers can’t take it,” UAB Dr. Michael Sagg said.

Dr. Sagg says the country’s fight against the virus is heading in the wrong direction.

“We are heading more towards the system…even with all the testing it just can’t absorb,” Dr. Sagg said.

Though things have been uncertain throughout the pandemic, especially in sports. experts think the SEC may have to add more strict protocols in order to keep the season going.

“I won’t call it lockdown. Let’s call it a bubble. For more of the student athelets as we finsih the season,” Dr. Sagg said.

Players at Alabama say they try not to focus on COVID-19 cases and still practice as if a game is still going to happen.

“Not noticing on what’s going on across their program. Just focusing on the game and prepare like we going to have a game,” Defensive Back Patrick Surtain said.

And with a vaccine in sight of the near future, Dr. Sagg says following the guidelines, like mask wearing and socially distancing, will go a long way in the fight against COVID-19.

“If we really commit to that, I think we will all be better off and four weeks from now, we will see the numbers coming down very nicely,” Dr. Sagg said.

The three games postponed are still working on future dates.