Kyrie Irving is set to hit free agency in the offseason, but the All-Star point guard apparently doesn’t want anyone to talk about it. Earlier this week, Irving urged fans not to listen to what the media says about his future, as he will reveal his decision when he’s ready.

That hasn’t stopped members of the media from talking about Irving, especially Stephen A. Smith. The ESPN analyst spent the morning on Get Up talking about basketball, including Irving’s future, and he had a direct message for Irving.

“Respectfully, to Kyrie Irving, who doesn’t want us talking about him, don’t play basketball,” Smith said. “We talk about basketball.”

Smith claimed that he and other media members aren’t talking about anything other than Irving on the basketball court, and it is their job to talk about basketball topics such as Irving’s future.

“Nobody’s talking about his personal life. Nobody’s talking about the tweets from months ago. Nobody’s talking about all the things he’s gotten himself involved with,” Smith said. “If you don’t want us to talk about you as a basketball player, quit, because we’re going to talk about you.”

Irving and Smith have friction that dates back a few years, as Smith has questioned Irving’s desire to play basketball, and Irving responded to one of Smith’s rants about him last summer.