CBS’s Kevin Harlan went viral this week after the network released a behind-the-scenes video of him calling the ending of Furman’s upset win over Virginia in the first round in the men’s NCAA tournament last Thursday.

Fans loved the video of Harlan’s genuine reaction to the big upset. However, one person who isn’t a fan of the video is Harlan himself.

On Wednesday’s episode of Richard Deitsch’s Sports Media podcast, Harlan admitted he didn’t even want the video posted.

“Kind of embarrassed by it—I’m not comfortable with it,” Harlan said. “I don’t know that I’m glad that they caught our expression, but I’m glad the game was on the air. I think I join a chorus of other announcers who do not like the camera.”

Despite Harlan “begging” for CBS not to post the video, the network did so Monday. The longtime announcer shouted “Good!” right when Furman’s JP Pegues nailed a last-second three-pointer to seal the win for the Paladins. Harlan then nearly fell out of his chair as he reacted to the play.

“I understand why CBS would want to use that, and I guess I trust my bosses more than I trust myself in this situation,” Harlan said. “At the same time, if they asked me my preference, I would have said, ‘Please don’t put that up there.’ And I still feel the same way quite frankly.”

Harlan admitted his reaction was “110% organic” because he had no idea cameras were focused on him at the time.