Legendary NBA star Magic Johnson already has ownership stakes in teams in Major League Baseball and the NFL. But could arguably the greatest point guard to ever play the game one day get back into NBA ownership?

Johnson, who once owned a partial share of the Los Angeles Lakers before selling his stake in 2010, now is involved in ownership groups for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Commanders. If an NBA team is next, Johnson says the Lakers would be first on his list, but he’d also be interested in buying the New York Knicks.

“If there’s an opportunity, first I’d definitely go with the Lakers, because that’s who I am. I’ve been apart of the family for 40 years,” Johnson said in an appearance on the Rise and Schein Podcast. “But, if I ever decide to do something that’s not with the Lakers, I’d probably only do something with the Knicks because I love the fanbase, I love the Garden and what the Knicks organization stands for. But you know I’m a Lakers man through and through.”

NBA fans may be reticent to see Johnson back involved in an organization given his struggles while in the Lakers’ front office, but the idea of him being involved with the Knicks one day is certainly an interesting one.

Adam Schein, a Knicks fan who was interviewing Johnson on the podcast, had this to say about a potential Knicks/Magic marriage.