Mavericks owner Mark Cuban pitched quite the offer to pop star Taylor Swift on Thursday.

Cuban asked if Swift could break things off in her rumored relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, and instead date one of his Mavericks players. His argument was that wherever Swift goes, it impacts the economy positively and brings in more popularity for a team. 

For instance, after Swift appeared at the Chiefs game in Kansas City last Sunday, Kelce’s jersey sales went up 400%.

But the star tight end couldn’t let Cuban’s comments go without responding to them himself. The Chiefs star left a simple response to the video of the Mavs owner on social media.

“Just sign me to a ten day!” Kelce wrote, alongside a sunglasses emoji, implying that he’d happily accept a contract from the Dallas-based NBA team.

Kelce and Swift have yet to officially confirm a relationship despite the pop star sitting with Kelce’s mom at Sunday’s game. Even on Wednesday’s podcast episode of New Heights, that the Chiefs tight end hosts with his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, he still wouldn’t offer any confirmation.

The saga is set to continue though as Swift is expected to attend Sunday night’s Chiefs–Jets game in New York.