The strange feud between Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens and ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith took another strange twist on Monday night when Owens tweeted at Smith, who discussed the conflict on his podcast earlier in the day.

“Holding up papers talking about you got FILES of stuff on me! As long as no court houses and police departments don’t have any on me, I’m good,” Owens wrote on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. “And even if they did ninja, so what!!! Miss me with that baloney!!!! Your alleged FILES of people that don’t like me because I stand and stood up for myself because of clowns like you that talk bad about us black athletes like Kyrie, Kaepernick, Durant, etc for the networks and their direction to get yourself a paycheck.”

The feud seemingly began when Owens posted “FACTS!!!!!!!!!” in reply to a tweet suggesting the reasons for former First Take host Max Kellerman’s departure from the show. Kellerman’s exit, which occurred in September 2021, became a hot topic last week after Smith made comments about the show “flatlining” with Kellerman as his primary co-host.

After seeing Owens’s post, Smith posted a couple of cryptic tweets threatening to expose the former wide receiver for “all the things [he] tried to do behind the scenes to brothers over the years.”

It remains to be seen what Smith is referring to, but it’s clear that the ESPN personality and the Hall of Fame wideout have an icy relationship that likely won’t be resolved anytime soon.